Meet Aaron – the man with the big heart

We badly needed to find someone who could do a small amount of work for us. The ground needed to be prepared for our infrastructure to start going in. SkillCentred are helping us with this. It wasn’t a big job, by any stretch, for a person with a bobcat.

So Graham called into a few local businesses. We were quoted a minimum of four hours and travel time for the job. The community garden, being a not-for-profit, does not have a massive bank balance so the quote was a bit high. Then Graham found a business card in a produce store for Ajan Enterprises, run by Aaron Carter. Graham called him. Aaron came and checked out the job and said he would do it for free. So here he is kindly giving back to the community. Thank you, Aaron, on behalf of the gardens and all the people who will use it.

So if you are looking for similar work to be done, please give Aaron a call: 5482 7878. This is a definite plug.

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