Garden objectives

Gympie Community Garden Inc objectives are to:

  • Create a welcoming and flexible environment for people to work cooperatively
  • Establish a regenerative garden on permaculture principles that is financially sustainable
  • Establish a garden that is a positive and diverse environment
  • Support and contribute to community-based sustainable economic development initiatives
  • Encourage people to learn and appreciate the benefits of regional fresh, healthy and seasonal food
  • Provide a space to create, display community art, hold community events and workshops
  • Encourage groups to hold regular working days and ongoing projects at the garden
  • Create an environment in which people can contribute their knowledge, learn from each other and develop new skills
  • Encourage people of all cultures, economic backgrounds, ages and abilities to be involved in garden-related activities
  • Promote awareness of the benefits of nature conservation and outdoor recreation
  • Encourage practices such as recycling, organic cultivation, sustainable horticulture and self-sufficiency
  • Practice integrated pest management, via companion planting for example
  • Be non-partisan and non-aligned politically and not promote any political party or views
  • Create a collaborative group that acknowledges, values and respects the different perspectives, opinions, abilities and characters of participants in the gardens