Just saying thanks to a bunch of really kind people

First big thank you for the day goes to Luke, Graham’s son, for setting up this website. He gave freely of his time and expertise to set this up. One kind-hearted genius!

Second, big thanks to everyone who helped at the Bunnings sausage sizzle today. Biggest round of applause goes to Graham for organising everything beforehand and staying there from start to finish in the stinking hot heat! Thanks to to all the helpers: Peter, Cindy and her cousin, Donna, Regula and her two daughters and Naomi. We were a very friendly and organised bunch who got a few people asking about progress with the garden. And we made a bit of cash thanks to all the volunteers that will go into our coffers for future projects. Would also like to say that a lot of these people are not even Gympie residents – they just gave their time to us for nothing.

Thank you all those people!

Update: we made almost $700 profit at the sausage sizzle! So it was well worth it…

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