Everyone needs an entry point

Our garden is currently at the back of a car park and may be not entirely visible or very homely. All good, but where can people feel directed from there? We nutted it out and agreed to build a rustic entry that will lead to our (hoped for, in the future) meeting room and kitchen, but for now it will be a welcome for the whole community to the garden. Graham and Peter (pic, top) did some hard work on their own hole digging, and the wood came from some council tree lopping work on Tin Can Bay Road (thanks to Regula for the call and effort locating them!. Go Graham on the chain saw! (pic below). Incidentally Peter also mowed the whole block the next day, a (not restful) Sunday, many, many thanks Peter and Graham!

Graham chopping logs for the garden

Regula was kind enough to contact the council and ask that we could have the logs and voila! Graham was there with Regula’s husband doing the hard yards!

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