Our plans are getting closer and closer to being realised

A couple of years ago, Mel held a series of open workshops where anyone in the community could add to our garden wishlist. We wanted a whole heap of things.

Since then we have done quite a bit to the garden. We have added water, a shelter, sheds, and so on.

So we decided to revisit our plans. And Mel is still on board, with Lani helping out.

The revised plans will be detailed, particularly in the central area. There will be a nursery, potting area, more raised beds, a village green, sensory and pollinator gardens, a kids play area, a zen garden, banana circles, orchards, a keyhole garden, work zones and a stockpile area. We will also leave some areas more fluid as our needs may change.

Updates will be on the blog, as we develop and create the abundant community garden of our wishes…