Our last working bee for 2020

A small group of us got together on Saturday 20 December to do a couple of things that needed doing – one practical and one aesthetic. 

The first was to provide stronger supports for the taps, which involved posthole digging.

Danny encountered a lot of rock
Graham wondering if there will be rock under here

The second was to create a sunny, welcoming patch overlooking the car park. This is where the car park will be extended, so we can’t do much here. So, for the time being, it will be a pumpkin, sweet potato and sunflower garden.

Therese doing the hoe down

The mound of dirt was cleared of grass and sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds and sunflowers were planted there and watered in. Hopefully the sunflowers will put a smile on people’s faces.

Time to wash our hands, thanks to Graham’s soap on a rope on a well-supported tap.

We had a visit from the neighbours, who were very keen to share plants with us. Regula and Danny took home a mulberry tree and we were offered a plum tree too. Fruit tree planning and orchard planting will be in 2021. Elaine also paid us a visit with her two dogs, she is keen to be a part of the garden but works weekends. That is why we now have a WhatsApp group, so we can organise get togethers outside official meetings/working bees. If you would like to be part of the group, please email us.

There is no meeting in January, so our next working bee and meeting is on Saturday 13 February 2021, starting at 7.30am.