Herb spiral workshop – Saturday 16 March

We are holding a herb spiral workshop at the gardens.

Herb spirals are designed to take advantage of a vertical garden structure, as well as variations in water and sunlight. As the centre of the spiral is the tallest part it creates more shade on one side and a sunnier aspect on the other. The way the water is designed to drain through the spiral means that drought-tolerant plants benefit and water-loving plants have their fair share.

This means you can successfully grow different herbs in the same vertical garden. For example, rosemary likes more sun and dry conditions, whereas soft-leaved herbs require more water and shade.

As herb spirals are vertical constructs they take up less space. And are ideal for many different types of herbs in the one spot.

Members can attend for free. Non-members: $10 for individuals and for a family $15. To book click here

Please arrive at 7.30 am for an 8 am start of a fun and informative day. 

If you become a member (for very little cost) you will be able to attend future workshops and get your membership money back very quickly. To become a member click here.

Please wear closed shoes, and bring gloves, hat and water bottle.