Putting in raised beds for planting

These raised garden beds are being made according to the principles of hugulkultur. Hugul what? Hugelkultur means “hill culture”, so the beds are first filled with logs, branches, and twigs.  Other organic materials are put on top, like grass clippings, manure, compost, and then topsoil. All the goodies that are needed to fill this veggie …

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Let there be…water

Today we got water put onto the site, with potable and non-potable risers. Excited to almost be able to have a drink and water plants that are in, and that will go in! Pictures speak for themselves really. But thanks Luke and crew for doing this for us. They asked where the nearest toilet was, …

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Getting back into it

Hi people! We are hoping to get back on track as soon as restrictions on gatherings with over 10 people are lifted. Our next meeting and AGM will most likely be on Saturday 11 July and we can hopefully get into the garden and do some stuff straight after that – while keeping our distance! …

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