Wicked bed workshop a success!

It was the first real sunny, and cloudless, day for weeks! And quite a few keen (and strong!) people turned up for our wicked bed workshop yesterday. Many were interested in the small wicked beds, but everyone mucked in and helped create the large wicked bed. The bed itself had been in storage from when we had the gardens at Cooinda.

First we covered the bed in black plastic…

Then we covered pots with shade cloth to reduce the amount of sand we needed in the bed.

Pots went in, the pipes were in position, and sand was wheelbarrowed in… and wheelbarrowed in… and wheelbarrowed in… The sand was moist and pretty heavy!

Then geotech fabric covered the sand and top soil was shovelled over the top

Finally the bed was watered with a hose into the down pipe, which allows the plants to draw water up from their roots. Meanwhile winter vegetable and calendula seedlings were put in and grass clippings for mulch.

Finally Graham showed everyone how to make a small wicked bed in a styro box. Same principle, just a mini one!

Thank you everyone for coming! It was nice to see new faces. And of course, a HUGE thank you to Graham for organising, and running, the workshop!