We are holding a gabion herb wall workshop!

We are taking bookings for our next workshop on Saturday 13 March, at 8.30am. Our plan is to work on constructing a gabion wall, which will be the home to a variety of herbs and plants. To book click here

‘Gabion’ means ‘cage’ in Italian, as the wall is constructed of connecting cages that are filled with anything from rocks, soil, concrete or used glass bottles. According to Wikipedia, Leonardo da Vinci designed a gabian wall for a castle in Milan.

In our workshop, we will put together as much of the long wall as we can, filling the cages with locally sourced rocks and adding self-watering pots as we go. It will be fantastic if we can make the wall an interesting mix of colours and shapes, like a mosaic.

So join us for this fun morning, meet new people, and learn a skill you can use at home for making letterboxes, garden seating, outdoor serveries – in shapes and sizes of your choosing for your garden room. Unleash your own Leonardo and give to the community at the same time!

We will also be making a call out for donations of herbs or cuttings that you may have so that we can share them with our community and learn about the uses of herbs in a potential future workshop.

Another idea we had was for the kids to own the lower planters and maybe grow strawberries there. Any other suggestions?

Click here to book. The cost is just $15 for non-members and $10 for members. If you are thinking you might participate in other workshops (we have others planned for 2021), you will easily get your membership fee back if you join now.

Please note, spaces are limited due to COVID.