The gabion herb wall really came together today

About 15 people came to our workshop today, from near and far, keen to know how to put together a gabion wall.

Graham explained the prep that had already been done. Everyone had their own pretty exciting ideas about how they might use the gabion wall construction.

The first layer of mesh went over the posts.

The cages were put together and filled with rocks. We tried to get flat rocks neatly arranged at the front, just for aesthetics.

Some of us found it quite meditative, selecting and placing rocks so they followed each other’s lines and slotted together. But we didn’t have all day. The second layer of cages went up, and it definitely wasn’t always easy.

We put the planter pots in as we went.

Some people donated herb plants, so we put in strawberry runners for the kids on the lowest row and then parsley, thyme, nasturtiums, chives and basil higher up. Soon to be ready for cooking classes and the pizzas we hope to be making soon!

It was a big day for everyone. We shared some great morning tea, which included dehydrated dragonfruit (It was amazing) and yellow watermelon. Graham, as always, was totally organised with tea and coffee.

We completed the Herculean task of completing half the wall in a morning workshop. Thanks for coming along, learning, helping and sharing ideas. And generally having a fun time with a whole bunch of new faces.

Update, 8 May 2021

She be getting higher and higher, thanks to a working bee in April and one today. The herbs are thriving too!