The beginnings of our syntropic garden

We have been planning a syntropic garden for a while, thanks to Lani and all her help with our revised garden design.

So what is a syntropic garden? Syntropic farming is many layered and was first put to the test in barren land in Brazil. It starts with trees. It imitates market gardening as well as chop and drop principles to provide good yields, generate fertility, and finally to end up with a productive food forest that has the structure and function of native forests. So, down the track, around these tree we will have beds with all kinds of plants that will feed each other in a gorgeous little ecosystem.

Using laser level to determine position of trees

We put stakes in to make the tree planting in a zig zag shape that went with the contours of the land from Cogan Street, which we measured with a laser.

Then a week or so later we had a very fun working bee and planted heaps of varieties of trees. We have mango, mandarin, eureka lemon, kumquat, ruby grapefruit, avocado, soursop, ice cream bean, native peanut and burdekin plum. Yum.

Digging holes, adding fertiliser
The kids loved getting dirty too
Trees all in and mulched
Watering in

This was a short while ago, and before Gympie got flooding rain. They are powering on! Come and take a drive-by look Gympie…