Our herbs are there for the picking!

Today, after we had de-capped bottles, we worked on our raised beds, adding mushroom compost, minerals and worm juice. The worm juice was very kindly donated by Paul, a local, who manages to get hold of an abundance of the liquid gold! Thanks Paul.

We watered the plants on the herb wall. And guess what? The first of the strawberries has turned red! Feel free to bring your kids down to snack on them as they ripen!

We also have a heap of nasturtiums. Every part of the plant can be eaten: the flowers are great in salads, the leaves give salad a peppery taste and the seeds can be pickled like capers. (Make up a pickling medium of water, sugar, salt and vinegar. Heat it up. Add herbs like dill and bottle. Ready in about two weeks).

We also have a thriving mother of herbs plant. This plant is also known by the names of: five spice herb, Puerto Rican oregano, country borage or Chinese three in one. According to the late Isabell Shipard, chewing a leaf relieves sore throats and making a tea with them helps with asthma, coughs and stomach cramps. It is also a really versatile herb to add to soups as it has a kind of all-in-one flavour!

There are heaps of other herbs for you to pick from and use in cooking. Or herbal medicines. Go for it!