What else would you be doing on a hot November morning?

Moving things from place to place of course!

These are the logs that Graham cut a few moons ago. They were headed for the gully to slow the flow of water and help it seep through the soil instead of running off.

No, this isn’t an ad for soft drinks! It is a massive bag of containers Regula collected from Nolan Meats who kindly offered to share recycling money with us. We will be doing this every two weeks for a while.

We had to take all the caps off the bottles, and empty out the fluid. The smell of congealed sour milk and sweet (sometimes fermented) water was a bit challenging, but we did it with a smile on our faces! The gardens really welcome the funds! We also found some chicken, cashew and rice meals…

Meanwhile, Regula’s idea to experiment with solarisation continues… Once the grass dies off, we will plant sweet potatoes, pumpkins and sunflowers all over the patch designated for a car park. Hopefully the sunflowers will smile at everyone from across the road!

Meanwhile, stuff needed clearing – again, moving stuff from place to place…

We had a really fun working-bee morning, with great chats and plenty more plans for the future. With our new members, who are all so enthusiastic, we are starting to feel like a real ‘community’ garden again. Thanks guys!