Saturday 28 May – 8.30am to 12pm – Wicked garden beds workshop


Wicked (pronounced “wikt”) garden beds are an increasingly popular way of growing vegetables and herbs. They are self-contained raised beds with built-in water reservoirs that supply water to plants from the bottom up. This changes how, and how much, you need to water.

Because they are self-watering (apart from a tiny input from you), they help prevent evaporation from the surface. A wicked bed should fully irrigate itself for at least a week.

At this workshop, we will discuss how wicked beds work and how useful they are. We will be building a big wicked bed on the day so you will know how to create your own. It doesn’t matter how big your place is – you can have small productive wicked beds on your balcony in wicked bed buckets or styro boxes. We will show you how to make smaller ones on the day too.

Other advantages of wicked beds are:

  • they provide excellent drainage in the event of a downpour
  • as they are raised, they heat up quicker in the spring so planting can be done earlier
  • you don’t need to carry heavy water containers to water wicked beds
  • weed growth is minimal in wicked beds
  • you can use recycled water!

Cost for the workshop (all materials are supplied): $5 for members and $10 for non-members

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