Our President hero

Graham Chapman has been with the community gardens since its beginning. Over the years he has done just about everything you could do in a garden and more. He has dug, raked, built, watered, hosed, mowed, shared produce, wheelbarrowed, hoed, planted, weeded, advised, mulched, fertilised, harvested, pruned, shovelled, picked and more.

Over the past few weeks, Graham has been busy organising quotes, helping with SkillCentred who are putting up our infrastructure, prepping for the gabion wall workshop, painting and putting up our sign, collecting bottles for fundraising, and he has hand-dug so many holes! Graham has his own beautiful, productive garden, but continues to work tirelessly at the community gardens to help get it established for our broader community.

So here are some photos, old and new, of Graham at work. Thank you so much on behalf of the Gympie community.

At the gardens at Cooinda, building our bridge
At Cooinda receiving donations of hats and sunscreen
Giving a talk, with Peter, at Gympie library about the gardens
Chopping log donations to use in the gully
Being compost bin designer and builder
Collecting bottles for fundraising
Signing our licence agreement in the council offices
Washing out bottles in the rain
Holes dug with Steve, sign ready to go up