Meet our new member, Jeffrey

Today’s working bee and meeting were both very productive. We had loads of new and old members keen to get the garden going.

After the meeting, the guilds were weeded. Thanks to Graham for watering them over the past few weeks they look healthy, but so did the weeds!

There was loads of laughter around the garden
There was also a lot of chatting and getting to know each other.

Meanwhile, the compost bays needed to be completed and the compost turned.

Three people worked at clearing and raking for some new guilds. The green waste was wheelbarrowed to the compost.

We also felt we would like to get into the spirit of the Mary Valley Scarecrow Festival, so we made Jeffrey. He will become our guardian and wave to people across the car park.

And we ended it all with a cup of tea and snacks under the cool of the mulberry tree.

The Gympie Community Garden is gathering momentum and more and more people are coming on board. Exciting times!