Getting back to the beginning again

It was back in March 2020, remember that? Just before COVID… Aaron Carter cleared some ground for us to put in sheds and our shelter with a pizza oven. Well, it got all grown over and lost. So this week he came back and kindly cleared again.

This is where the shelter will be, with comfy seating and a pizza oven
Ready for concrete for the sheds

Graham and Steve got the holes ready for our new sign, which will let the whole community know we are well and truly here!

So now, we are ready (as we were in January 2020) for SkillCentred to help us put the stuff up! So COVID set us back, as it did for so many other people, but we are excited to be taking off again!

Our next priority is to get a much needed toilet in there so people can comfortably join us for meetings, plantings, get togethers and workshops!